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We are data scientists & engineers interested in finding crypto & stock influencers to follow.

We answer the question: Who has the best ‘advice’?


We are an A.I. driven ‘Yelp for market advice’

We are developing algorithms to determine which influencers to listen to. We hope to filter out the charlatans and make the internet of finance safer.


Whatever your flavor, discover who is beating the market this week and this month.

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Latest Reports

  • Social Crypto report – May 27th, 2024

    Social Crypto report – May 27th, 2024

    Bullish news in the market: ETH EFT approved, presidential candidate backing crypto

  • Indicators to watch

    Indicators to watch

    Unfortunately, our caution last week was warranted The downtrend in the markets continued. As mentioned last week, we are looking for longer moving average supports for BTC (100 day, 200 day) and/or an increase in volume of bullish Shots called from qualified influencers before looking to take new entries. Neither of those have played out,…

  • Shot Caller weekly report April 21, ’24

    Shot Caller weekly report April 21, ’24

    Wen moon? The chatter on why we are trending down in crypto.


Andy Schwartz, PhD

Director, HLAB: Human Language Analysis Beings, Stony Brook; Principal Investigator, World Well-Being Project, Stony Brook & UPenn; Program Chair, Data Science and Engineering Specialization, Stony Brook University

Zack PRager

Full Stack Engineer, Entrepreneur (Ransomly), Principal Lecturer (UCSD

Nicholas White

Media investor, founder, and CEO at Fragment Media Group.

Prof. Anon, Stanford

An anonymous professor of A.I. & data science working  in the background. 

Advisory Board


Co-founder of XYO, The Geospatial Oracle Network with a 500 M market cap

Dr. Senesky, Stanford

Debbie G. Senesky is an Associate Professor at Stanford University in the XLab.  She’s received the NASA Early Faculty Career Award, and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship Award.  More information about Prof. Senesky can be found at xlab.stanford.edu or on Instagram: @astrodebs