Shot Caller Report April 1st

Which Shot Caller would have made you the most stacks on crypto lately?

These are some of the best financial influencers we have been tracking over the last two months. We look for influencers that have the pulse of the market by measuring ROI over 30 days. We ingest Youtube and Reddit and use AI to capture their predictions about the crypto markets.

The best recent shots called

It pays to be a degen. The YouTube influencers in our database that had a grip on the pulse of the meme market offered some of the best possible gains. FLOKI, CKB, and PEPE win out.

The coming week(s)

The general is trending up. We expect a short term run.

The Shot Caller meter has been slightly trending up.

Fresh Shots

Here are a few shots that have been this week from Shot Callers that on the top of the rankings. I’m picking ones that have made any big moves recently. These are more like degen bets so obviously not financial advice.

The narratives we have that continue to have momentum:

  • Meme tokens on new layer 1s (e.g. $BONK & $WIF on Sol)
  • Meme tokens that have utility or games (e.g. $PUFF on mantle)

Projects that fit and are still low cap: $PUFF, $OMNI, $CHEEMS

See you next week

We are still in BETA so send any questions, feedback, suggestions our way DM at or email me.

-Shot Caller Team