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  • Indicators to watch
    Unfortunately, our caution last week was warranted The downtrend in the markets continued. As mentioned last week, we are looking for longer moving average supports for BTC (100 day, 200 day) and/or an increase in volume of bullish Shots called from qualified influencers before looking to take new entries. Neither of those have played out, so we remain mostly on the sidelines.
  • Shot Caller weekly report April 21, ’24
    Wen moon? The chatter on why we are trending down in crypto.
  • Shot Caller Report April 1st
    It pays to be a degen. The YouTube influencers in our database that had a grip on the pulse of the meme market offered some of the best possible gains. FLOKI, CKB, and PEPE win out.
  • Shotcaller Weekly
    …and we’re back! We have been tweaking our pipelines based on feedback from our earlier edition of Shot Callers. This is very much an iterative process, and in the spirit of ‘the perfect being the enemy of the good’, we will issue one newsletter a week reporting on crypto financial influencers. Which Shot Caller would… Read more: Shotcaller Weekly
  • Summaries of bull cases made for great shots Jan – Feb 2024
    Here are some bull case summaries from Shot Caller that had their fingers on the pulse of the market in early 2024.