Shot Callers – First Edition

Welcome to our exploration of financial influencers!

Dear BETA Readers,

We’re excited to welcome you to our data-driven journey, exploring the landscape of financial influencers on social media. This newsletter is dedicated to sifting through a sea of data to find those diamonds in the rough – financial influencers who may provide insightful perspectives on market trends.

Social media is richly diverse and incredibly vibrant, echoing countless voices and views from the nonsensical to the insightful. While this array lends depth and variety to the discourse, it also introduces a degree of noise into the data we analyze.

In our pursuit of accuracy and relevance, we urge you to approach our findings with a discerning mind. Our analyses are not ultimate truths, but rather, they serve as starting points for a richer understanding.

Despite the inherent noise within social media data, we expect our approach can shed light on key influencers who offer valuable insights into the financial space. Our mission is to unearth these thought leaders, helping answer the burning question: “Who should you follow in the financial influencer space?”

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we’ll navigate the sea of financial influencers on social media, in search of those who can provide truly enlightening market insights.

The Shot Caller Team.

Reddit on Stocks

The best stock Shot Callers on Reddit (so far)

These are the best stock pickers we have found on Reddit so far. We evaluate their gains in a 28-day window.

What’s behind the best Reddit call?


  • OldschoolFool22 called the shots with MVIS on May 31st, ’23.
  • MicroVision (MVIS) manufactures automotive lidar sensors and solutions for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, and non-automotive applications, including industrial, smart infrastructure, and robotics.
  • MVIS shares have seen a significant surge this week, rising by 46.6% from last Friday’s close before today’s trading session.
  • The rally isn’t linked to any specific company news, but is instead due to a short squeeze.
  • Following this week’s rise, the stock has now increased 225.5% year to date.

YouTube on Crypto

The best Shot Callers we have found for Crypto on Youtube (so far)

These are the best in terms of ROI in the last two months. The ROI shown is the average of the max ROIs of the shots made. Each shot is evaluated in a 28-day period only so the Shot Callers not only had to pick the right asset but also had to time it correctly.

What’s behind the best Youtube call?

  • Chico Crypto covered Elastos (ELA) favorably on May 24th, ’23
  • Elastos is a project aiming to create a blockchain-based version of the internet.
  • The initiative dates back to 2000, but the current blockchain-focused version has been under development by Elastos since June 2017.
  • Potential price driver: ELA has been running webinars on their integration with Alibaba.
  • Potential price driver: this Tweet by Tuur Demeester (~250k followers) indirectly endorsing the use case for ELA
  • The Tweet below was retweeted within the ELA community and may have sparked the rally

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Reddit on Crypto

Youtube on Stocks

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