Social Crypto report – May 27th, 2024

The Bullish News

Trump going all in on crypto
Trump going all in on crypto
  • BTC finding support at the 100-day moving average
  • Shot Caller bullish volume of shots has been trending up
Shot Caller bullish volume has been trending up
  • The Dogefather is tweeting (X-ing?) about crypto again, and his tweets are moving markets.

Which Shot Caller would have made you the most stacks on crypto lately? Who has the pulse of the market?

These are some of the best financial influencers we have been tracking over the last two months. We look for influencers that have the pulse of the market by measuring ROI over 30 days. We ingest Youtube and Reddit and use AI to capture their predictions about the crypto markets.

Within a single month these are the top average max returns of influencers we are tracking on Youtube.

Best crypto Youtube influencers recently

The best recent shots

The degens continue to call the shots. The influencers in our database that had a grip on the pulse of the meme market offered some of the best possible gains. Left to right: $NPC, $TRB, $TURBO, $BLAST, $CWIF

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The coming week(s)

The general sentiment is bullish for the long term with flashes of ‘irrational exuberance” in the alt-coin arena.

The volume of bullish shots (above) has been one of the best indicators so far in this bull market run. The ratio of bulls to bears (below) has also been helpful in gauging where we are presently in the market.

The Fear/Greed index from is peeking back into greed levels (below),

Fresh Shots

See you next week

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-Shot Caller Team