Summaries of bull cases made for great shots Jan – Feb 2024

Here are some bull case summaries from Shot Caller that had their fingers on the pulse of the market in early 2024.

  • PEPE Breakout: Recently broke out of a downtrend channel on the daily chart, signaling potential bullish momentum.
  • Resistance Challenges: Despite breakout, PEPE faced multiple rejections at a new downtrend line resistance, indicating strong overhead pressure.
  • Key Resistance Zone: Aiming to surpass a critical long-term resistance zone ranging between $1.36 and $1.46, previously acting as both strong support and resistance.
  • Potential for Upside: Successfully breaking this resistance could lead to a significant rally, with the immediate target being the previous channel top around $1.77.
  • Historical Patterns: PEPE has shown patterns of rallying after breakouts, such as a 55% pump following a harmonic bullish reversal signal shared with members in February 2024.
  • Trading Signal Success: Recent trade signals, including channel breakouts and harmonic patterns, have led to profitable rallies, suggesting close monitoring for upcoming signals could be beneficial.
  • Long-Term Outlook: If PEPE overcomes the $1.36-$1.46 resistance, the next major target could be the long-standing resistance at $1.90, with current momentum indicating this is within reach.

Moon33, Feb 24th, 2024

  • Solana-Based Meme Coin: BONK is experiencing parabolic growth, benefiting from overall bullishness in the crypto market.
  • Market Performance: With a market cap of $833.57 million and strong trading volume, BONK shows resilience despite corrections.
  • Community and Exchange Support: Boasting 200k followers, 600k+ unique holders, and listings on 42 exchanges, BONK demonstrates robust community and market support.
  • Recent Pump: BONK has surged 30% in the past 7 days, bouncing back from a critical support level.
  • Technical Outlook: Despite a potential bearish pattern, BONK's recovery from significant support levels suggests bullish sentiment. A 168% increase is needed to revisit all-time highs, indicating substantial upside potential.
  • Risk and Potential: While volatility is inherent, especially in meme coins, BONK's substantial market cap and exchange listings offer a foundation for potential future gains.

-Crypto ZEUS, Feb 28th, 2024

Bull case they made for PLY

  • Innovative DeFi Solutions: Aurigami aims to provide innovative DeFi lending and borrowing services, which could attract users looking for alternatives to Ethereum-based DeFi platforms.
  • Ecosystem Growth: As the Aurora and NEAR ecosystems continue to grow, projects like Aurigami that are built on these platforms could benefit from increased user adoption and network effects.
  • Token Utility: PLY tokens have multiple uses within the Aurigami ecosystem, including governance, which allows token holders to vote on proposals affecting the platform's future development.
  • Incentives and Rewards: Aurigami may offer attractive yield farming and liquidity mining opportunities, encouraging users to lock in their assets and participate in the platform's economy.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Any partnerships or collaborations with other projects in the blockchain space could further boost Aurigami's visibility and user base.
  • Technical Performance: Fast transaction speeds and lower fees on the Aurora platform can enhance the user experience, making Aurigami an attractive option for DeFi participants.

-CryptosRUS, Jan 20th, 2024

The bull case they made for $MYRO

  • High Expectations: MYRO hitting 25 cents, with anticipations of Coinbase and Binance listings, indicating strong market interest.
  • Recent Sell-Offs: A significant drop, attributed to recent sell-offs. This could mean a potential low buy-in opportunity for those bullish on recovery.
  • Community Buzz: Despite short-term setbacks, there's excitement around a potential Binance listing. A strong, engaged community often drives recovery and growth.
  • Risk-Reward: Like all meme coins, MYRO presents a high-risk, high-reward opportunity. For those willing to take the gamble, the lows could offer a lucrative entry point.
  • Market Dynamics: Recent plushie release and ongoing project developments show active effort to boost value and investor interest.

-Crypto ZEUS

  • Solana Boost: Myro, a Solana-based meme coin, is part of the recent surge in Solana tokens' popularity, showcasing significant market activity.
  • Market Performance: With a $200 million market cap and high trading volume, it's ranked 231. Its continuous listings on major exchanges are driving its surge.
  • Listing Potential: Speculation about future listings on top exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, similar to other meme coins, enhances its appeal.
  • Utility and Growth: Promises transformation in the Solana ecosystem with its utilities (e.g., public bot on Telegram), supported by a solid roadmap.
  • Community and Supply: Strong community support and a max supply of 1 billion tokens. Distribution shows significant holdings but diversified enough to suggest stability.
  • Exchange Listings: Active on MexC, with more platforms in sight, increasing its visibility and trading volume.
  • Technical Outlook: Bullish trends on the charts, with potential for high returns despite the inherent risks of corrections.
  • Social Engagement: Over 41.4k Twitter followers and active community engagement through contests and social media buzz.
  • Achievements: Recent spot listing on Bybit and trending status on trade volume platforms highlight its growing market presence.

-General Chatter on Youtube, Jan-Feb 2024